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The European AI, Data and Robotics stakeholders operate from diverse historic backgrounds. To tap into the potentials of the diverse knowledge and resources generated in the AI, Data, and Robotics ecosystem, an all-inclusive collaboration approach between these stakeholders is necessary to make the ADR resources available and accessible to all.

For this, the ADR Awareness Centre is developed as an open repository of ADR educational resources and materials to enable collaboration and alignment among all projects within the Partnership, relevant external projects, and the public. The Awareness Centre will collect, validate, and publish educational resources and materials related to AI, Data, and Robotics.


  • - Who is this for? Everyone. Every project and organization in Europe including the general member of the public
  • - What does this Centre provide? AI, Data, and Robotics educational resources and materials produced in the EU
  • - When a new resource becomes available? The list of the resources will be updated when a new resource is submitted and validated
  • - Why should I publish a resource? Firstly, publishing your materials will promote and make them accessible to all. Secondly, it increases the transparency of your work and improves your and your organizations reputation. Last but not the least, your material will help address ADR challenges and contribute to shaping the future of ADR in Europe.
  • - How can I contribute and publish my resources? The Centre designed a very simple process for you to submit and publish your resources. You only need to submit your resource here and we will review and get it published and publicly accessible to all.
  • - What kinds of resources can I publish? The Centre only collects and publishes ADR related educational resources that can be publicly available and accessible to all. Copyrighted and licensed contents will not be published in the Centre.


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Online Course

AI for all humans: A course to delight and inspire!

The course is designed to give you the tools you need for effective participation in machine learning for solving business problems and for being a good citizen in an increasingly AI-fueled world. 

Technology methodologies and landscape
Target audience
ADR Experts and Associations, Individual Citizens/Members of the Society, Policy Makers, Private Sector, Public Sector, Researchers and Academic

Trustworthiness of AI applications in public sector 

Public trust is a key component for the adoption and diffusion of newly emerging technologies, even more in the case of citizens’ everyday interaction with public administrations.

Support guidance in the responsible implementation of ADR
Target audience
Public Sector
Professional development resources for teachers/educators

10 Best AI Tools for Education

Most of the conversation surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) tools is often directed at business, but there is enormous potential for AI to drastically improve our educational systems.

Support tools
Target audience
Researchers and Academic
Online Course

Professional Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Business

Understand what AI is in practical terms, learning about the different applications and technologies across diverse industries, geographies, and functions in organisations of all sizes.

System architectures
Target audience
Private Sector

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