This deliverable provides a detailed report on the activities and in particular the results from the work done to date on the selection of an AI Trust Label (T3.3 of WP3). For easy readability, this deliverable documents the progress and completed activities in two parts. Part A of this deliverable provides a summary of the work done. Part B provides a detailed analysis of the work done.

The aim of this task is to select and promote an informed-based AI trust label to support the consumers understanding the trustworthiness of the AI product and service. The focus here is on trustfulness and will be based on identifying, analysing and assessing labelling initiatives. In addition, T3.3 aims to identify indicators of trust for consumers through analysis of the assessed labelling initiatives, stakeholder engagement, and the input received from T3.2 regarding the trust concerns and adoption issues of European organisations.

This task will help improve public trust in and acceptance of AI products and services, support the awareness of and operationalization of the AI Act, support standardisation efforts towards a trust label for the EU, and improve international trade relations.
Finally, all relevant content or recommendations generated in this task will be pushed to a relevant standardisation body in Europe.