The Adra-e Deliverable D2.2 "Cross-project workshop series. Report 1" the preliminary phase of the cross-project workshop series, centered around Work Package 2 "Awareness and Coordination between European ADR initiatives". This report delineates the package's pivotal role as a nexus between ADR communities and the broader research domain. Its primary thrust is to galvanize collaborative endeavors, propelling advancements by fostering awareness, identifying synergies, nurturing cross-disciplinary research, and nurturing innovation.

At its core, the document articulates the multifaceted objectives of the work package, delineating strategies for disseminating information, synergizing initiatives, supporting interdisciplinary collaboration, and incubating novel ventures. It expounds on the nuanced methodologies deployed to realize these aims, spotlighting the pivotal roles of the Joint Research Task Force and the meticulously structured cross-project workshops.
A substantive segment of the report expounds upon the function of the Joint Task Force (JTF) and the operational framework of Cross-project workshops in actualizing these objectives. The JTF, comprising influential entities, focuses on harmonizing perspectives, pinpointing research areas, fostering knowledge transfer, and embracing interdisciplinary approaches. Simultaneously, the Cross-project workshops, orchestrated through five distinct phases, endeavor to amalgamate diverse expertise, strategically curate participants, and culminate in comprehensive reports steering forthcoming initiatives.

Throughout this document, the focal point remains steadfast on the pivotal role of collaboration, knowledge exchange, and strategic planning in propelling ADR practices forward. These workshops serve as indispensable platforms fostering networking, synergy identification, and the formulation of influential recommendations that sculpt the research landscape within the ADR community.