This report presents a comprehensive account of the development of the Strategic Research, Innovation, and Deployment Agenda (SRIDA), a defining framework for the AI, data and robotics association. As part of WP1, this document gives recommendations for the SRIDA process based on the work in Adra-e WP1 Task 1.3. The SRIDA outlines the vision, overarching goals, main technical and non-technical priorities, investment areas, and a roadmap for research, innovation and deployment. By meticulously documenting the step-by-step process and milestones of creating the SRIDA, this paper offers valuable insights into the progress, potential benefits, and drawbacks of the chosen approach, facilitating some reflections on its efficiency and provides recommendations for future improvement. Thus, this study lays a strong foundation for future work, guiding the formulation of subsequent Strategic Research, Innovation and Deployment Agenda.