This deliverable reports on the cross-community workshops organized as part of task 1.1 “Connecting European AI, Data and Robotics communities ”. Half way into the Adra-e project, a total of five Cross-community workshops have been held with stakeholders from the AI, Robotics and Data communities. The initial objective of the workshops, to strengthen relations and communication between the stakeholder communities, was successfully achieved. The workshops were well attended and the participants were appropriately balanced from the three communities; in part this was facilitated by the choice to co-organize the workshops with conferences such as the ERF or the EBDVF.
Tangible outcomes from the cross-community workshops include the definition of shared topics of interest for the SRIDA, as well as the launch of a mobility topic group following the 2022 EBDVF workshop.
A final report, D1.4 “Cross-community WS synthesis 2” will detail the final workshops as well as plans for the future sustainability, and will be submitted at the end of the project (M36).