LWM Hackathon: Enhancing Research Productivity
External event
4 - 5 March 2024, 18:00

Location: 4 to 5 Mar 2024 DFKI, Kaiserslautern, Germany

Humane-AI Net, dAIEDGE, Start2 Group (GermanEntrepreneurship), Horizon ENFIELD and AI4Europe (The AI-on-Demand Platform) are joining forces and are delighted to announce our upcoming event ‘LLM Hackathon: Enhancing Research Productivity’.

Join us and build tools using ChatGPT to help researchers write papers, search for literature, get new research ideas, and more. Teams of 3-4 participants will collaborate and compete on the 4th and 5th of March in DFKI, Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Who can join us? If you frequently write prompts on ChatGPT web interface and/or can code in Python, come and pitch your idea! You don't have to work in academia.

In this two-day hackathon, we invite talents to join us in imagining the future of scientific processes in the age of foundational models. Attendees will work in teams to propose the next “startup” that supports human-AI collaboration on scientific tasks. They will experiment with the powers and limitations of ChatGPT to develop a minimum viable product showcasing their idea then pitch it to the audience and a jury of experts.

Topics of Interest

The proposed solutions should tackle one or more of the following domains:

  1. Literature Review and Summarization (e.g., assist by summarizing research papers
    and stay up to date with the latest research)
  2. Hypothesis Generation (e.g., suggest new hypotheses or research directions)
  3. Experimental Design (e.g., suggesting methodologies, potential variables to consider, statistical analyses)
  4. Data Analysis Assistance (e.g., assistance in data interpretation, and potential correlations)
  5. Drafting Research Proposals and Papers (e.g., help with writing process and structure)
  6. Grant and Funding Manager (e.g., identify potential funding sources, help grant writing)
  7. Collaboration Facilitation (e.g., find potential collaborators by analyzing research trends or identifying researchers)
  8. Ethics and Regulatory guidance (e.g., preliminary guidance on ethical considerations and IRB submissions)

Participants can come up with their ideas and describe creative problems that they want to tackle in the hackathon event.

Output and Prizes

The teams are free to choose to use Chatgpt APIs and create a solution using Python or to use the web interface and document their prompt engineering. Teams should create their own Chatgpt accounts if they wish to use chatgpt.

Each team should submit the following items:

  1. Startup name + 300-500 words description of their idea
  2. Python notebook with the code or documentation of the prompts used to solve the chosen problem. 
  3. Give a talk about their solution

The outputs will be published via the AI on Demand platform.

There will be 3 winning teams.