Adra SRIDA deep-dive workshop
Internal event
Centre Albert Borschette, 36, rue Froissart-1049 Bruxelles

As a stepping stone towards the update of the Adra Strategic Research, Innovation and Deployment Agenda, Adra produced a document entitled “Strategic orientation towards an AI, Data, Robotics roadmap 2025-2027” (aka Adra 10-pager) to help identify the principle challenges and objectives for the future SRIDA. The 10-pager document was published at the beginning of June 2023 with the intent to solicit feedback from the relevant stakeholder communities active within the AI, Data and Robotics partnership.

These include in particular the Adra members, the HE partner countries (to allow for coordination with national strategies), but also Adra’s founding organisations and the network of AI excellence centers (in particular their joint SRA). During the month of June, feedback was collected in written form from the Adra members and the HE partner countries. Additionally, a public presentation of the 10-pager took place on June 26th (webinar). 

Leveraging upon a workshop organised in the context of the joint strategic research agenda developed by the NoEs, which includes a discussion on the relation between the SRA and the SRIDA, we propose to join/extend the NoE workshop with the Adra SRIDA deep-dive. Concretely this would mean that the SRIDA workshop would directly follow the NoE workshop on the morning of July 5th, at the same EC premises (Albert Borchette). The SRIDA editing and reference committee will be invited to join the NoE workshop, and the NoE representatives that worked on the joint SRA are invited to join the SRIDA workshop.

The objective of the Adra deep-dive workshop was to converge upon the table of contents of the future SRIDA and its priorities, as well as identify persons that will actively contribute to the writing, and the process of moving forward. Therefore it was a hands on meeting making concrete steps towards the authoring of the SRIDA over the summer months. For that reason participation to the meeting is by invitation only, but it was important the participants of the workshop are representative for the relevant stakeholder communities (AI, Data and Robotics, as well as Industry and Research).

Many thanks to Passant Elagroudy for the use of the photo accompanying this event listing.