Images constitute a large part of the content shared on social networks. Their disclosure is often related to a particular context and users are often unaware of the fact that, depending on their privacy status, images can be accessible to third parties and be used for purposes which were initially unforeseen. For instance, it is common practice for employers to search information about their future employees online. Another example of usage is that of automatic credit scoring based on online data. Most existing approaches which propose feedback about shared data focus on inferring user characteristics and their practical utility is rather limited.
We hypothesize that user feedback would be more efficient if conveyed through the real-life effects of data sharing. The objective of the task is to automatically score user photographic profiles in a series of situations with strong impact on her/his life. Four such situations were modeled this year and refer to searching for: (1) a bank loan, (2) an accommodation, (3) a job as waitress/waiter and (4) a job in IT. The inclusion of several situations is interesting in order to make it clear to the end users of the system that the same image will be interpreted differently depending on the context. The final objective of the task is to encourage the development of efficient user feedback, such as the YDSYO Android app.