FaVCI2D tackles problematic design choices of existing face verification datasets: (1) imposter pairs are too easy, (2) the demographic diversity is insufficient, and (3) there is disregard for ethical and legal aspects. The dataset includes challenging imposters and metadata related to gender, country and age. It is generated from freely distributable data. It was created by AI4Media partners CEA and UPB and is intended for the face recognition/verification community, and for researchers who study bias and fairness in AI.

  • The data set is available to researchers from universities and other reputable academic institutions and relevant public organisations, strictly for non-commercial research;
  • Use is not permitted by commercial organisations;
  • The data set is for your use only. You mustn’t distribute the data to anyone else. If other members of your team wish to have access to the data set, they'll need to agree to the terms of use by signing the form [https://favci2d-eula.aimultimedialab.ro/]. They will then get access ussing their own e-mail address/GitHub username;
  • The data set must be held securely and used in line with the signed terms of use.